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Full Version: Fight Night Champion [BLUS30608]
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If I uncheck "loop detection" the audio stutter disappears. however, it's not playable anymore, Fps is 30 but the game is on slowmotion.
(01-21-2020, 03:11 AM)pupop Wrote: [ -> ]try with adeno settings plus unchek loop detection to fix the sound, works great

(02-13-2020, 11:08 PM)pnoyarchie Wrote: [ -> ]If I uncheck "loop detection" the audio stutter disappears. however, it's not playable anymore, Fps is 30 but the game is on slowmotion.
When I was with i7 3770k it also showed me 30fps but it was slow. 2 days ago I get ryzen 7 3700x and now I have no problem even the audio is fine. In my opinion, this game is playable. Soon I'll upload a video while playing.
The game in training mode works perfect. In high resolutions too

but in fight mode now. I play two round and it is called paralyzes PC. having to restart it
Is there anyone who choose the young George Foreman?
It has been patched with pkg file about 80MB and 100KB.
whatever the game crashes, you need to install the patch to version 1.02, search in search engines, after installing the patch and dlc in pkg format through the emulator menu, the game stopped crashing and became playable Cool Cool Cool
Can someone help me with the settings for FN Champion?

I have an Acer Nitro 5, AMD Ryzen 5 with Vega 8 Graphics, AMD Radeon RX 560X, 8GB RAM.

Has anyone actually managed to install and use all the DLC? As for as i'm concerned, i wasn't able to.
(12-04-2019, 05:01 PM)Adeno Wrote: [ -> ]

Finished Fight Night Champion on RPCS3 9196. Game was perfect in Champion Mode/Story Mode from the very beginning (but with the usual audio stuttering). Only experienced crash in the final battle against Isaac Frost. Fixed it by putting a check on Disable Vertex Cache and Disable Async Compiler. 

All settings the same as before in config tab: 

CPU Tab remove check on Enable Thread Scheduler, 

GPU Tab choose Vulkan, FrameLimit 30fps or Off, Anisotropic Filter 2X, Antialiasing Disabled, Default Resolution 740x480, put check on Stretch to Display Area, Disable Vertex Cache, Disable Async Compiler, 

Emulator Tab put check on Resize Game Window on Boot, Debug Tab put check on Disable Zcul Occlusion Queries, everything else left at default.

Game Tested on:

i7 3770k overclocked to 4GHz
GTX 660
Windows 10 November 2019 Update
I can definitely, with 100% certainty, confirm that this game is in no way playable.  I've got the latest RPCS3 build, and have Champion updated to version 1.02, and I can confirm that the above-listed settings do not work.  In fact, they actually cause a degradation of the game's performance in my case, which invariably leads it to freeze in the middle of any and every fight.  Audio is not an issue--as many have already stated, disabling loop checking resolves that easily enough--though that doesn't really matter, since the game can hardly be played at all.  Tried a variety of settings, with certain combinations causing performance to increase or decrease depending on which ones were selected, but in the end the game still froze up during matches, most of which weren't even able to advance beyond round 1.

A suggested fix for the freezes--done by editing your boxer before the match that froze your game--does not work, at least not for me.  All-in-all, it's still very much "ingame".
@bnoruto what is your pc specs?
No answer? Also, since a few days, the game keeps crashing on the first loading.
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