K31TH3RLogitech G25/G27 support?
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03-10-2019, 10:54 PM -
I was just wondering if anything like this is being considered for RPCS3, as the only PS3 titles I own are racing games with G27 support.

There's a great plugin written by Jackun for PCSX2, allows passthrough for Logitech force based wheels (DF, DF Pro, GT Force/G25/G27) which works excellently, and has forcefeedback as well. Not sure of the difficulty of implementing something similar in RPCS3.

I was able to get basic wheel functionality with the joystick option in the gamepad config with Wangan Midnight, although the clutch axis wasn't detected correctly and I needed to hold the clutch axis at 50% in order to bind the controls. (Detected as constant U- axis input otherwise.)

Anyway, just curious, as this would be awesome.

Thx for any response.

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03-28-2020, 03:43 PM -
I would be interested in this also. Anything I can do as a non programmer to assist with the implementation? Thank you kindly in advance!


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09-15-2020, 08:09 PM -
It's already support via USB passthrough method. I tested with Daytona USA and works exactly as it should.

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03-16-2022, 10:49 AM -
(09-15-2020, 08:09 PM)digo Wrote: It's already support via USB passthrough method. I tested with Daytona USA and works exactly as it should.

Yes, and I just want to give a huge thanks to the devs for implementing this feature into RPCS3. I just tested Daytona USA using my Logitech G27 FFB wheel and it works(although if you press any of its buttons while the PS3 XMB menu pops up the game crashes...no big deal).

With that being said, I would like to make a humble request, and ask if at all possible, please make it so that the emu can read and support our Logitech wheels natively, without the "pass-thru" requirement for low legacy drivers. The way it is now, we have to install WinUSB drivers via ZaDig application every time we want to use the emulator. It would be wonderful if we can simply plug in our wheels and RPCS3 recognizes it without the need for those drivers.

Thanks again guys and keep up the great work! Smile

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