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Logitech G25/G27 support? - K31TH3R - 03-10-2019

I was just wondering if anything like this is being considered for RPCS3, as the only PS3 titles I own are racing games with G27 support.

There's a great plugin written by Jackun for PCSX2, allows passthrough for Logitech force based wheels (DF, DF Pro, GT Force/G25/G27) which works excellently, and has forcefeedback as well. Not sure of the difficulty of implementing something similar in RPCS3.

I was able to get basic wheel functionality with the joystick option in the gamepad config with Wangan Midnight, although the clutch axis wasn't detected correctly and I needed to hold the clutch axis at 50% in order to bind the controls. (Detected as constant U- axis input otherwise.)

Anyway, just curious, as this would be awesome.

Thx for any response.

RE: Logitech G25/G27 support? - tOXicSilence - 03-28-2020

I would be interested in this also. Anything I can do as a non programmer to assist with the implementation? Thank you kindly in advance!


RE: Logitech G25/G27 support? - digo - 09-15-2020

It's already support via USB passthrough method. I tested with Daytona USA and works exactly as it should.