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Full Version: Grand Theft Auto V [BLES01807]
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Quote:[!]: Loading 'D:\RPCS3\dev_hdd0\game\Grand Theft Auto V\USRDIR\BOOT.BIN'...
[!]: Mount info:
[!]: / -> D:\RPCS3\dev_hdd0\game\Grand Theft Auto V\
[!]: /dev_usb/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_usb000\
[!]: /dev_hdd1/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_hdd1\
[!]: /dev_hdd0/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_hdd0\
[!]: /app_home/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_hdd0\game\Grand Theft Auto V\
[!]: /dev_bdvd/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_hdd0\game\Grand Theft Auto V\\..\
[!]: /dev_flash/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_flash\
[!]: /host_root/ ->
[!]: /dev_usb000/ -> D:\RPCS3\dev_usb000\
[W]: LoadShdr64 error: shstrndx too big!
[!]: Initing memory...
[!]: Memory initialized.
[W]: Unknown function 0x1e7bff94 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellSysCacheMount
[W]: Unknown function 0x1a108ab7 in 'sys_fs' module
[E]: TODO: cellFsGetBlockSize
[W]: Unknown function 0x99406d0b in 'sys_fs' module
[E]: TODO: cellFsChmod
[W]: Unknown function 0x67f9fedb in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: sys_game_process_exitspawn2
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00017628]]: memory warning: (HACK!) sys_memory_allocate(size=0x100000, flags=0x400)
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e580]]: cellSysmodule warning: cellSysmoduleLoadModule(CELL_SYSMODULE_SYSUTIL_GAME)
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e5bc]]: cellGame warning: cellGameBootCheck(type_addr=0xd0010b10, attributes_addr=0xd0010b14, size_addr=0xd0010b18, dirName_addr=0xd0010b28)
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e5a4]]: cellGame warning: cellGameGetParamString(id=100, buf_addr=0x30100880, bufsize=10)
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e5b0]]: cellGame warning: cellGameContentPermit(contentInfoPath_addr=0xd0010b48, usrdirPath_addr=0xd0010bc8)
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e574]]: cellSysmodule warning: cellSysmoduleUnloadModule(CELL_SYSMODULE_SYSUTIL_GAME)
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e654]]: sys_fs warning: cellFsStat: '/EBOOT.BIN' not found.
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00012eac]]: SysCall 988! r3: 0x1, r4: 0x0, pc: 0x12eac
[W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00015020]]: SysCall 988! r3: 0x2, r4: 0x0, pc: 0x15020
[E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0001e740]]: TODO: sys_game_process_exitspawn2

There will be log from latest RPCS compilation
We say that loadable game should show something, even if it is just a black screen with 0,01 fps. This doesn't load however, it quits almost immediately, which is basically 95 % of all games right now. Someone should perhaps sticky a topic with this information.

Edit: I am thinking of this post http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread....#pid196124


Now I know. Thanks


I think it should stay in general discussion for now unitl it becomes loadable
Also thanks to ssshadow I made this thread: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=156715


In rpcs3-x86 31-01-2014 log show more warnings. Most from "sys_lwmutex". Log below:


GTA V on the latest build (ea34cb52c1).Game shows "DbgConsole" and loops on [E : PPU[227] Thread ([RAGE] Dependency)[0x020a8070]]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagWait

(03-24-2014, 02:28 PM)nmzik Wrote: [ -> ]GTA V on the latest build (ea34cb52c1).Game shows "DbgConsole" and loops on [E : PPU[227] Thread ([RAGE] Dependency)[0x020a8070]]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagWait
There are a lot of games that fail on Spurs already, and it is well known.

I like how some are optimistic and actually try to start GTA V. I can with great confidence say that this will be one of the absolutely last games to go somewhere beyond maybe loadable/intro. I will eat a hat and put a video of it on youtube if this goes in game before 95 % of all other PS3 games ever.

Also, see this:

(02-01-2014, 06:40 PM)AlexAltea Wrote: [ -> ]Please, there is no reason to update this thread unless the game reaches the "Loadable" status, defined here:
"RPCS3 shows some Unimplemented functions, TODOs and other errors but does not crash and the GLGSFrame pops-up with FPS >= 0.0"


my question is who is the one who is going to implement the SPURS
(03-24-2014, 03:05 PM)aniruddh Wrote: [ -> ]my question is who is the one who is going to implement the SPURS

Well, not me Tongue

It is marked in bold on the roadmap though. Someone will bite the bullet in due time. I think Nekotekina drafted some spurs stuff a few weeks back. Maybe he will do it, maybe someone else. We will see.

People are stillworking on other important stuff at the moment. Although this game and many others may need spurs and gcm commands, they will also need the ppu recompiler, more work with threads, and all that other stuff too, to really run much further past the spurs errors. It's all important.


the one who will implement Spurs good luck to him applying one of the most difficult thing in ps3 emulation
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