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Flower [NPJA00039]
Title: Flower ("Flowery" in Japanese release.)
Status: Ingame (Menus 30FPS, Cutscenes 30FPS, Gameplay 12-24FPS)

Played through the 4 levels from start to finish in one sitting at 10K internal resolution before RPCS3 froze midway through the 5th level. Motion controls work great! Grass doesn't render so I assume there are other things missing in other levels. There is a strange "ray-tracing"-like noise applied on things in the distance. The game does not seem to benefit at all from higher resolutions, as everything still renders with jaggies due to a post-process filter.

[Image: Flower_1_10K.jpg][Image: Flower_2_10K.jpg]
[Image: Flower_3_10K.jpg][Image: Flower_4_10K.jpg]

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.7z   Flowery.7z (Size: 1.15 MB / Downloads: 1)
Build: rpcs3-v0.0.5-7503-65ca9344_win64
Status: Fully Playable (Continued from above to finish all 7 levels. 12-30FPS)

Completed the entire game in two sittings. This build gave me some trouble trying to get it to work in fullscreen... The aliasing issue may be improved by increasing the threshold. I set mine to 64x64. SPU LLVM on Mega gives some FPS boost, but would randomly crash so I stuck with Safe. Giga instantly shuts down RPCS3 on boot. RPCS3 complains about stencils a lot.

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 1.39 MB / Downloads: 1)
so it's playable or i make new report ?
(04-23-2019, 02:19 PM)UaQ - lover Wrote: so it's playable or i make new report ?

It doesn't hurt to make a new report if you want to and you might have a different experience after 5 months of changes to the emulator.
Beating the entire game =/= "Playable", and "playable performance" could mean anything since everyone's setup is different.

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