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Recent RPCS3 freezes in cutscenes
Ever since the recent few (master) builds, I noticed that it hangs at random intervals during cutscenes.

The game where I managed to frequently get the freeze was Disgaea D2, 90% of the time during the opening cutscene and sometimes while watching the "Cinema" mode on the "Netherwold Concert" cutscene (in the Extra category).

The video and audio stops, but the FPS counter keeps going.

My rig:
Windows 10 64 bit
Intel i5-6600
GT 1030 2gb
8gb DDR4 RAM @ 2133Mhz

P.S. Might be related to this topic:

So, update.

I noticed that the freeze now happens even in older versions.

The only things that changed from then was that I updated the PS3 firmware and that Win10 had a bunch of updates.
So, will try and see if older firmware helps, because if it's a windows things... ugh

Does anybody know where to get older versions?

EDIT: found 4.80, still freezes, maybe I need an even older one

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