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Mass Effect [NPEB01195]
RPCS3 v0.0.5-6639-90e0bade7 
Ingame to Playable(-ish?)
Tested with both Vulkan and OpenGL
Use strict rendering mode (not necessary)
Use GPU texture scaling
Anisotropic: tested Automatic and 16x
Prefered SPU Threads: 2 (not necessary, same fps with automatic)
Enable Thread Scheduler
Lower SPU priority (not necessary, can be turned off)
Enable SPU loop detection
Load liblv2 only

Aside from occasional flickering, weird particle artifacts and mismanaged body and facial texture colors, seems playable. 
I finished Eden prime mission and landed on citadel just fine. Except for messy controls - I wasn't able to shoot with sight (using sniper rifle for example), the shooting button just cancels aiming.

[Image: NS8dmvd.jpg]
[Image: c7wOrbS.jpg]
[Image: 3cZe8bH.jpg]

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 1.35 MB / Downloads: 3)
Hi Zer0wing,

Can you upload a log for your report? Details about that can be found here, at the game report guidelines.
If you play the game a few minutes and then close the emulator entirely you can compress the log file (in the main emulator folder) and upload it on a post or edit.

Also, can you include pictures with the GSFrame (the top border of the window) of the game? It's impossible to tell what FPS you're running at without that or a video.

Thank you for the post!
RPCS3 v0.0.5-6657-cecfc590

Still artifacts but faces are improved a bit.
[Image: 2018-04-18_12_02_50-FPS__22.44___OpenGL_...B01195.png]
[Image: 2018-04-18_12_02_03-FPS__18.85___OpenGL_...B01195.png]

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 1.05 MB / Downloads: 2)

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