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Killzone [NPUA80856]



settings in video

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Using the exact same settings as you (except the SPU settings), the furthest I got was the character selection screen

[Image: hv8hjAuKTR2xScPwjUg5Gw.png]

The music was still going but the image was frozen. I'm not sure what the emulator was doing during this. I guess if I left it for a little bit longer it would load eventually?
Either way seems that the best way to get past the glitchy start screen is to use OpenGL.

To see what would happen I also tried DX12, and was able to get to the same spot as OpenGL, but with more glitches in the image

[Image: BsXGa1PoQJWEzrZl1hZ6MQ.png]
update v2


ingame for 4 sek


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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 134.78 KB / Downloads: 3)
Crashing after 4seconds, i think we will leave this in intro for now Tongue But still good progress for the emulator.
Killzone Trilogy Disc 1 ( Killzone [NPUA80856] )

rpcs3-v0.0.5-7562-92be67b4 Alpha
my settings on the video:

The game is pretty much playable. just some minor bugs with the graphics and with the cutscenes that not showing up, like you will see in the gameplay video i'll add.
sometimes on first time you play the game, it take a little time until the shaders are fully applied to the game. so on that time you'll have more graphic problems, but on the second time it will be fixed.

The video:

Log file:
12FPS is NOT playable.

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