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12-14-2020, 06:01 AM -
So I'm fresh from trying out AC4, which has also been reported to work from start to finish, but I'm getting the same issue I had with AC4, this is what pops up before I even get into the game, after the loading screen from New Game, in the log:

F {PPU[0x100002c] Thread (Ac4SortieScene) [0x000f7704]} VM: Access violation writing location 0x27bbbebb (unmapped memory) [type=u32]

This error happens to me too on AC4, but it at least happens later on (Currently stuck on Chapter 4 because one mission gets this error after the loading screen as well. I could run AC4 at 60FPS and I enabled Write Color Buffer and Read Color Buffer.

Really scratching my head over this.

My specs are i7-8750H, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070.

Tested on RPCS3 Version: 0.0.13-11347-3a0b3a85 Alpha (version that got someone through the whole game on the other thread)
and the current RPCS3 Version: 0.0.13-11389-e5603fec Alpha

Okay, I've actually found the problem, so I disabled Read/Write Color Buffer and now both AC:fA and AC4 work fine. Although that's a bit odd to me that /that/ was the issue, since it said previously in the thread that enabling both Read and Write would fix it.
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12-15-2020, 03:34 PM -
Can confirm that the game still crashes on loading enemy NEXT missions with Read/Write color buffers enabled. It does fix the texture issues on your NEXT, though any time you change weapons you'll have texture issues on the next mission. You can see that in this video: This is then fixed upon loading into the next mission, giving you proper textures again.

Most Ordered Matches will crash while trying to load up (I did a few successfully, but the 28th began crashing on me), and I haven't gotten past White Glint yet but the "rogue NEXT" mission did load with Read/Write Color Buffers enabled. White Glint crashes with the same error code as the Ordered Matches, a very similar code to the one dofits has:

F {PPU[0x1000041] Thread (Ac4SortieScene) [0x00ccf82c]} VM: Access violation writing location 0x0 (unmapped memory) [type=u32]

I've attached a log file from the White Glint crash with Read/Write Color Buffers enabled. Hopefully this helps get things on track! I've been missing this game for years...

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12-18-2020, 06:01 PM -
You attached an empty log file

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01-14-2021, 05:51 PM -
Having a similar issue as dofits.

Crashing with F {PPU[0x1003017] Thread (VsSortieScene) [0x00ccf82c]} VM: Access violation writing location 0x0 (unmapped memory) [type=u32]

The first match against the NEXT was fine, but the second one froze the game.

I've attached the log file, game ID is BLUS30187, version 1., the log is 20mb so I zipped it since it doesn't fit here otherwise (I can re-upload it some other way if someone can suggest one).
I've enabled those two GPU options mentioned above.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be really grateful!

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