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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time HD [NPEB00341]
Prince of Persia HD goes in-game as you can see in the video below, however it does has post-processing effects that are incorrectly rendered.

Corrected thread title a bit here Tongue


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There is issue with flickering lights/light spots appearing through walls and the sound is really waffled(Haven't delved fully but it seems that it is due to confusion with the 3D positioning of the sound as sound effects are a bit overpowering and voice + soundFX echo like you are in empty hall room).

fps wise it is playable tested with 300% scale as well

The sound is OK during cutscenes.

I can't recreate but I am using build 0.0.7-9245-9b77febd on Ryzen 3900x

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