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White Knight Chronicles II [BLUS30784]
Hi guys. Now that we can emulate this game is it possible to translate the Jap version (via modding or similar) into an english version? I ask because the Jap version has way more content than the US and EU version has. PS: Text shouldnt be impossible right? But how would sound/voice work?
Hello! I'm having a problem importing saves. The original save created by the game itself is unreadable, but the saves from the actual game are not. In addition, setting the profiles and unlocking the profiles to use with RPCS3 does not work, it either says "Game Content and Version are different" (When default unlocked profiles) or flashes once and does not proceed (When redoing the profiles). Also, I can't import cheats correctly, when I try to edit the file with bruteforcesave data and import the cheats, it doesn't apply them.
RPCS3 White Knight Chronicles II BCJS30042 test
I have been playing WKC2 [BCES01085] it is mostly playable but stuck on random scenes and sometimes freezes randomly.

RPCS3 0.0.7-9222-321f7e71 Alpha
White Knight Chronicles II-BLUS30784

Vellgander  Section 7  GR25


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