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Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction [BCES00052]
(03-02-2019, 07:57 PM)ro55 Wrote:
(01-31-2019, 04:34 AM)AluminumHaste Wrote: Are you guys able to use checkpoints? No matter how far I get on a planet, every time I start the game up, I'm back at the beginning.

I am getting the same issue, all save slots when manually saving go back to the start, even though they display different planets.

I also have another problem after the first mission (just after ratchet and clank get knocked out) 80% of the time the game crashes to a white screen showing this in the console: 

specs if it helps:

I am also getting the issue with save slots and getting kicked back to the start of the game with the intro cutscene. Tested on current build (
v0.0.6-7825 Alpha [2019-02-28] ) as of this morning (March 04, 2019).
2nd mission, no freeze at rpcs3-v0.0.6-7869-e9b6bead (i5 8600k @4.5 GHz, GTX 1070 Ti, 16 GB DDR4)
game is nearly playable! biggest issue is frequent freezing for seemingly no reason. audio still playing, game just becomes unresponsive, just wondering if anyone else encounters this frequently?
Work fine with some very small graphical glitches on Build 0.0.6-9e456e11 it just crashes randomly after some time of playing (sometimes its 5 minutes sometimes 15). Without these crashes game would be playable.

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