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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown [NPUB30625]
Hey, don't know if this thread is alive or not but I have a question. My PC, with a GTX660Ti, and an FX-6100 OC-ed to 3.8 ghz, is running the game slowly at 18-20 FPS. I saw a video on Youtube that played the game at 30 FPS, which isn't great either but it's more enjoyable but with a stock FX-6300. Is there so much of a difference that I won't be able to play the game at 30 or 28 fps? Thank You for the answers.
i think it's because of you CPU (I have gtx 1070 (previous was gtx 770), i7-3770) and it's running at 30-35 fps.
Maybe he has overclocked CPU?
Yeah, FX6300 is really bad when it comes to RPCS3. There's a huge difference when comparing to i7-3770
I can get it to start up just fine, but my controller isn't responding. Using ps3 controller via scptoolkit. the controller works for other games, however.
Crash on the last build!
it's working good on #2978 last build.

After 5 mins of play dojo mode I got rare error about Vulkan render.

Quote:·E 0:10:02.089253 {rsx::thread} RSX: ERROR: 0:85: 'fog_c' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: 0:85: '' : compilation terminated
ERROR: 2 compilation errors. No code generated.

·E 0:10:02.089268 {rsx::thread} RSX:
·F 0:10:02.116788 {rsx::thread} class std::runtime_error thrown: Failed to compile vertex shader
(in file C:\rpcs3\rpcs3\Emu\RSX\VK\VKVertexProgram.cpp:401)
Tried out the build from the new blog entry

Game runs at full speed 60fps now up from the 40~ prior. Crashing from previous reports still in effect.

@reznoire my FPS went up from 18 to just 23 with P5 test build, quite a huge increase for you.
it's with Vulkan+PPU LLVM. (I have ~55-60 fps on my i7-3770k)

But I have random crashes on Vulkan like in my previous message.
Crashes relating fog_c are fixed on latest kd-11 PR.

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