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Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014]
This game runs with a black screen and 60fps. Im including a picture and log file
this game is fully playable, with graphical glitches, but it works around 10 fps.
here are some screens Smile :
This is half-playable. But, what it's game can a be running...that's really good.

Quote:Playable: You can play the game from beginning to end. No glitches or very few of them.
well, i thought that it is playable, because i played about 30 minutes. but then again, there are many glitches. so i guess its half playable then
ok, now i tested this game some more, and it looks like its a game like Bejeweled. When i made those screenshots, i had color buffers enabled, but it works even without them, so when you go into main menu, you get 60fps, and you get 10fps ingame, maybe even more, i have a pretty shitty pc, so it will probably run better on a better rig.
Recorded small video. Tongue

with the recompiler i got up to 27fps in game.
With latest improvements to fragment program, now main menu displays textures and buttons properly, including that you now can see blocks' colors in-game. The game is much more playable now. Not worthy of "Playable" category, yet, due to still existing horrible graphical glitches. Also logos during startup now display (they're glitchy).
Now when you make a pair, explosions don't leave black traces behind anymore. Also there seems to be somekind of a timer now in-game. The "Next" block shown is no longer glitched out as much and some textures look a little crisper or have less black traces/z-fighting.

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