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RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Ekaseo - 05-31-2014

This game runs with a black screen and 60fps. Im including a picture and log file

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Ekaseo - 11-07-2014

this game is fully playable, with graphical glitches, but it works around 10 fps.
here are some screens Smile :

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Ru4slan - 11-07-2014


RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Darkriot - 11-07-2014

This is half-playable. But, what it's game can a be running...that's really good.

Quote:Playable: You can play the game from beginning to end. No glitches or very few of them.

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Ekaseo - 11-07-2014

well, i thought that it is playable, because i played about 30 minutes. but then again, there are many glitches. so i guess its half playable then

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Ekaseo - 11-07-2014

ok, now i tested this game some more, and it looks like its a game like Bejeweled. When i made those screenshots, i had color buffers enabled, but it works even without them, so when you go into main menu, you get 60fps, and you get 10fps ingame, maybe even more, i have a pretty shitty pc, so it will probably run better on a better rig.

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - BlackDaemon - 11-10-2014

Recorded small video. Tongue


RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - Ekaseo - 11-24-2014

with the recompiler i got up to 27fps in game.

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - tambre - 12-27-2014

With latest improvements to fragment program, now main menu displays textures and buttons properly, including that you now can see blocks' colors in-game. The game is much more playable now. Not worthy of "Playable" category, yet, due to still existing horrible graphical glitches. Also logos during startup now display (they're glitchy).

RE: Groovin' Blocks [NPUA30014] - tambre - 07-28-2015

Now when you make a pair, explosions don't leave black traces behind anymore. Also there seems to be somekind of a timer now in-game. The "Next" block shown is no longer glitched out as much and some textures look a little crisper or have less black traces/z-fighting.