What happened to the Persona 5 topic?
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(09-25-2017, 09:52 PM)Maykay Wrote: Like the title says: what happened to the Persona 5 topic? I had a couple of posts there, and now I can't find it, nor can I access my posts. Did the topic get deleted? And, if so, why? It had some useful information, so it really is a shame that I cannot access it at this point, either by direct link - I had it in my favourites - or through the forum search function.

Thank you.

Atlus is bullying the RPCS3 devs to remove the info because they have a irrational hate for emulation and PC gaming in general they don't even have any legal leg to stand on as the Bleem vs Sony case shows but because they are a big company with money they can bully ppl like that, there will be an official statement soon more info on reddit:


I personally think this will backfire spectacular for them, it's the Streisand effect, more free publicity for RPCS3 yay.
Will the game be removed in the future versions of the emulator?

Emulation has already been in the courts and has been ruled to be completely legal. So Atlus does not have a leg to stand on.

In legal terms the Bleem case serves as a "legal precedent", by which all future cases will have judgements based from. So emulation of Persona 5 is completely legal.

What Atlus needs to realize is that just because they have the opinion that emulation = piracy, does not make that a fact.

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