Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [BLES01765]
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(01-18-2022, 01:24 AM)SWDN Wrote: Turn on the frame time graph and prepare to have your mind blown. That is how the game has always been.

There is no way this is normal. This is not how it was back on a real PS3 when i played it. It looks fine on playthroughs of that on a PS3 on youtube, too.

I just confirmed that it is indeed the frametime. It is going wild (see screenshot). The status should be downgraded to Ingame if this is not affecting just me.
Thanks for the tip about checking the frametime, it makes perfect sense and every time it looks like it is stuttering but the framerate is still 30, the frametime is going wild like that.


On the bright side, I did play for half an hour and did not experience any crashes. Hooray. Log attached. Driver Wake-Up Delay: 400 might have done the trick. When I first tested 200 it was very crashy but this looks fine. Needs further testing but unfortunately I got motion sick again and can't test that right away.
All the cache misses may be the reason for the frametime issue.
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