Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [BLES01765]
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01-17-2022, 11:56 PM -
The game runs stable at 30 fps but it there was some kind of stuttering, but the framerate graph shows that the framerate is stable. After a while I found out that the motion blur is laggy, but everything else runs fine. Unfortunately this also causes motion sickness for me. Can anyone confirm that motion blur is laggy? If this is not just for me, I would even degrade the status to Ingame since it also makes the game look pretty laggy in general, which makes combat difficult.

Unfortunately I forgot to save the log because I downgraded rpcs3 to a version from june to test if this was a regression, which it does not appear to be, but there were some warnings about desync.

I might also have found the reason for the crash. When it froze I looked into the log window and saw the following (I snapped a screenshot but it is all text, so you do not get an image of text):

E RSX: FIFO: CALL found inside a subroutine (last cmd = 0x2) x21
F {RSX [0x0394ce0]} SIG: Thread terminated due to fatal error: Dead FIFO commands queue state has been detected!
Try increasing "Driver Wake-Up Delay" setting in Advanced settings. Called from
(in file /path/to/rpcs3/build/rpcs3/rpcs3/Emu/RSX/RSXFIFO.cpp:476, in function run_FIFO) (errno=11)

I did not try to play with this setting yet. If I do so, I will also reply again with a proper log and hope to not get motion sick again while trying to reproduce the freeze.

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