Do you think rpcs3, as a HLE, is easier than as a LLE?
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I have follow up with you guys since back to about 2012 when basic homebrew could work and I'm very impress with the progress you guys have got the emulator to run several retail game binary, but I wish to know what the opinions are regarding high level emulating and low level emulating the ps3.

I realize you guys have want to simply goal: get ps3 games to play.

However I offer different solution and point of view to making rpcs3 more -- and want to know how you expect rpcs3 to be improve with HLE. I am not say that HLE is bad but just wonder why you decide on it and what you find the pro vs cons to be in regard to HLE and LLE.

I have worked on other emulators and with more advanced console LLE is hard but with LLE PCSX2 can play several thousands of PS2 game titles perfectly on good processors and GPUs, plus speeds across whole system. If you are not emulating lv0 system in Power Architecture won't that be a problem for some game as well?

Also you won't be able to run Yellow Dog Linux on rpcs3. Again I not saying HLE is bad but want to know if LLE is really much harder or your opinion on it for overall performance

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