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Full Version: Hyperdimension Neptune [BLJM60247]
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aka Chou Jigen Game Neptune

Have some progress here, it plays logo and opening video with low fps, reaches main menu and even plays main menu BGM.


I think this should be moved to intro.
Moved. Tongue
New screenshots.

Actually goes ingame but dies on 3D scene. I'll probably upload the commit with required fixes soon.
wow, Neko, looks amazing. Compared with the previous screenshots, you can see a huge change!

Good job.
Tested on recent master build. Using DX12 crashes, when attempt to start new game. Requires libSre LLE'd. On earlier builds (PR #1414, possible broken in PR #1419) was going further, and crashes after dialogs (2nd screenshot).

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFD2FB2E00C (ntdll.dll) in rpcs3.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted (parameters: 0x00007FFD2FB822B0).

    ntdll.dll!00007ffd2fb2e00c()    Unknown
    ntdll.dll!00007ffd2fb306b6()    Unknown
    ntdll.dll!00007ffd2fae48aa()    Unknown
    ntdll.dll!00007ffd2fa605db()    Unknown
    ucrtbase.dll!00007ffd2b21419b()    Unknown
>    rpcs3.exe!data_cache::invalidate_address(unsigned int addr) Line 42    C++
    [External Code]    
    rpcs3.exe!handle_access_violation(unsigned int addr, bool is_writing, _CONTEXT * context) Line 814    C++
    rpcs3.exe!<lambda_d0f1cc45213c29797971e529733681fb>::<lambda_invoker_cdecl>(_EXCEPTION_POINTERS * pExp) Line 1164    C++
    [External Code]    
    rpcs3.exe!SPUThread::do_dma_transfer(unsigned int cmd, spu_mfc_arg_t args) Line 321    C++
    rpcs3.exe!SPUThread::process_mfc_cmd(unsigned int cmd) Line 396    C++
    rpcs3.exe!SPUThread::set_ch_value(unsigned int ch, unsigned int value) Line 1080    C++
    rpcs3.exe!spu_interpreter::WRCH(SPUThread & spu, spu_opcode_t op) Line 293    C++
    rpcs3.exe!SPUThread::cpu_task() Line 126    C++
    rpcs3.exe!CPUThread::on_task() Line 31    C++
    rpcs3.exe!named_thread_t::start::__l2::<lambda>() Line 1347    C++
    rpcs3.exe!thread_ctrl::spawn::__l2::<lambda>(std::promise<void> promise) Line 83    C++
    [External Code]    

+        currentIt    (3289122048, 3289120768, 262144)    std::_List_iterator<std::_List_val<std::_List_simple_types<std::tuple<unsigned __int64,unsigned int,unsigned int> > > >
+        m_protected_ranges    { size=5 }    std::list<std::tuple<unsigned __int64,unsigned int,unsigned int>,std::allocator<std::tuple<unsigned __int64,unsigned int,unsigned int> > >
+        this    0x0000000003b83510 {m_mut={...} m_address_to_data={ size=15 } m_protected_ranges={ size=5 } }    data_cache *
        vm::page_writable    page_writable (2 '\x2')    vm::page_info_t
Playable as of https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-178789.html with RPCS3 v0.0.4-6279-f271b650 or later.

Game is the same, this thread is just using the title for the Japanese ID. (It was localized to neptunia)