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Full Version: recompiler for rpcs3
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congratz guys for the awesome work.
I was just wandering how is the work progressing
like recompiler is 10% complete and etc
do you think after recompiler; cell spurs is completed few games will be somewhat playable? no?


well its a spu recompiler and for a major speed boost a ppu recompiler would be needed

and yeah after cell spurs and gcm codes many game would become loadable


thx for the reply..I think the ppu recompiler will take a lot of time..maybe a year? no?


dont expected to much, dev need to thinking!
Hahaha, better play with pcsx2.


(04-27-2014, 07:05 AM)personablue Wrote: [ -> ]thx for the reply..I think the ppu recompiler will take a lot of time..maybe a year? no?
Only the devs can answer that question. I'm curious aswell....


It goes down a few percent every time someone asks this question.


Just curious did any one of u ask dev how is it progressing with ppu recompiler? I didn't see any activity on his github for long time.


well it look DH who is making ppu recompiler is very busy with more imp things
Look, while the PPU recompiler may be very exciting, you are still not going to be playing Disgaea 3 or any other real game. No save/load, several graphical issues, no sound... There are a lot of things that needs to be done in the long run.


Maybe someone of u will be able to continue devs work until he will be back? if i were
him i wouldn't mind that someone just did my peace of work fo me, but everybody is different i supose
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