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Full Version: Mandelbrot Fractal Zoomer
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It works with my last commit. I modified this homebrew because something is wrong in pad support. It's very slow (until the recompiler is done), also the first frame is empty because of double buffering. You can make some tea before it shows something Wink

Oh, it won't work from TEST12345 folder. Two files should be moved in simple location like C:\PS3\

Update: x86 doesn't work for some reason.

Update 2: x86 works, original PKG works too.

That's all obsolete.
With DH's last fixes, original PKG does work now on my latest commit. Also, x86 build does work too.
Last build: performance improved. Notice that it is only the interpreter yet.
Some screenshots.
What crash? Some button will "exit" the sample. Zooming is on PgDn/PgUp now. Moving - arrows.
Got almost 20 FPS.


(04-07-2014, 08:15 PM)NekotekinaHito Wrote: [ -> ]Got almost 20 FPS.

in your fork or in DH rpcs3
Neko, ??? 20??????(???? 1 fps) ????????, ??? ? ?????? ??????????? SPU ?????????????!?
(???????, ??? ??????!)

wow! That's one order of magnitude faster! Big Grin

Can't wait to see some numbers from Disgaea 3 ...


could you try pongus? Wink
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