Keyboard/Mouse Playability Problem (BCUS98174 )
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03-04-2023, 02:59 AM -

First, thanks to everyone involved in the RPCS3 project for the great emulator and all the hard work and time you've invested in it.

I have a question, mostly out of curiosity, and would greatly appreciate a reply to confirm my conclusion as to the cause.

If this was covered before on this game please excuse the repetition, but I could not find anything during my exhaustive forum search,

I'm using keyboard and mouse ONLY, unfortunately I don't have a working controller at the moment.

I have the game working fine, in fact, I already completed it and the Left Behind DLC (had to use a 3rd party saved game to skip the problem chapter).

I'm using the latest RPCS3 version as of today with the same results as before. The problem happens at chapter "Tommy's Dam" specifically in the first part "Hydroelectric Dam", when I try to turn the Red Valve Wheel to form half the bridge to cross over, I am NOT able to turn the wheel, I have tried everything I can think of and key combination, nothing worked.

I assume, this is due to the game requiring sixaxis to move the Red Valve Wheel and RPCS3 not able to emulate it via keyboard/mouse.

Can someone please confirm if this is the cause of the problem I'm having or am I missing something. Is it possible to turn the Red Valve Wheel using only keyboard and mouse, has anyone done so, if so how?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
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You posted 2 threads that do not follow the subforum guidelines, the Playable to Nothing sections are for compatibility reports, not for general discussion, as explained in the guidelines linked in the section.
Moderators there will not approve non game reports wrongly sent there.

I've moved this to General Discussion and approved it.

For the question, I didn't play that so you need to wait for someone that played the game.
We don't yet support SIXAXIS on the Keyboard+Mouse input handler, if that's the case.
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03-15-2023, 02:32 AM -
Hi Ani,

Thanks for your reply, information and moving the post to the appropriate forum section.

Noted, as you know, I'm new to the forum and apparently did not interpret that subforum posting guideline you mentioned the way it was meant.

My rationale for posting in the ingame forum section was due to the game being, at the time and currently as per RPCS3, in the ingame category. I thought that not being able to complete a section of the game due to what seems to be a compatibility issue when using a keyboard and mouse with an emulator on a PC would have been reasonable to post there.

Hopefully some forum member(s) can help me confirm my suspicion and/or shed more light on my question.

Thanks for your time and guidance.
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