100 Yen Trash Panic [NPJA00044]
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07-16-2022, 05:47 PM -
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100円ゴミ箱 is Japan exclusive updated version of ゴミ箱/Trash Panic. The main difference is the monetization model, it required paying 100 yen for 3 game credits.
User in help channel was trying to make it work, but it hangs after trying to start a new game with network connection error.
Further investigation implies that the game requires PSN connection to play, and as all online-only games will always be in the Intro section.

user logs have these interesting errors:

Quote:SYS: 'sceNpScoreDestroyTitleCtx' failed with 0x8002a102 : SCE_NP_COMMUNITY_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED [1]
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