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Hello, and thank you for having me here on this forum: I am Freelance Entertainer Roya Rockwood, the creator and Top Head Administrator of Royameadow, a Local Entertainment group that I started in the Greater Boston area on October 02 of 1999 and eventually expanded further into the online and global sector since 2010 with the initial ambition of helping those in my age range master Professional to Television Grade production capabilities for their own works in the Yellow Collar industry.
I have been an active full~time tester of RPCS3 since at least the era of Version 00 Revision 00 Build 05 (or "0.0.5") of the Master Build, though I had been using the emulator well before that time and it truly has proven essential in helping get a lot of Generation VII console titles off of my play agenda: On my end of the scene since Early 2018, I have been tending to the Unconfirmed side of the console's library, as well as a plethora of Japanese builds and Homebrew that do not have official listings in the Compatibility section; I also was one of the first people to deliver test results for how AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution works in NBA Elite '11, the rarest title to see a Retail release, and over the past year I have been testing the stability of many Ingame titles in Vulkan with custom presets (most notably Tiger Woods PGA Tour '12: The Masters, which I have north of Six Months of public documentation to work with) to see what needs to be fixed for Zen III/Vega II~based AMD systems and what can potentially be upgraded to Playable; it truly has been good fun seeing this emulator evolve, and I am more than happy to help its progress in any way that I know I can.

Those of you who would like to reach out to me when not on here will be able to do so on the relevant social media handles (Keyword: Royameadow); I also post any new findings for titles I'm presently testing in RPCS3 on some of them (predominantly Twitter and YouTube), so players/testers and developers who might actively search the platforms for extra feedback on certain games outside of the official channels will be able to get some extra visual documentation in some capacity.
Once again, thank you for welcoming me to the forum; wishfully my assistance in playtesting will aide the team better and help deliver any necessary optimizations to bring the emulator to an optimal condition over time. (:

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