Virtua Tennis 2009 [BLUS30343]
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05-23-2022, 10:02 AM -
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Virtua Tennis 2009 [BLUS30343]


Played well over an hour total with multiple modes/matches, didn't have any issues. EU version is already listed as Playable as well.

Gameplay on RPCS3:

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10-28-2022, 08:12 AM -
Figured I would see if anyone had help for this game. I have to ask, did you play the World Tour? or just everything else? I would have to disagree partially based on what I've experienced, this is the first game I've tried on the emulator that was generally unplayable. If you select the 'Play' option which is where all the other modes are listed, the game plays mostly fine. It crashes occasionally but not often But in World Tour, you must create a custom character to play, like a season mode. As soon as I click it, it shows the enter name option and freezes/crashes. You said you only played over an hour so I thought it was possible you didn't play the World Tour section. I can record some footage/take screenshots and whatnot if needed. I've even had the game crash just from being in the main menu and not doing anything, via me opening the game, making a phone call, and 3 minutes later coming back and the screen is frozen.

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