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05-14-2022, 06:39 PM -
There have been a few months from when I get banned from RPCS3 but still I can't understand the reason for that. I was in offtopic and I started saying something about the Ukranian matter cause two guys I saw were having a conversation about that. The one guy from the two replied to me using bad words and then I get banned. Can I at least get the reason for about what exactly I get banned for the.
   Maybe reffering to the name of Germany's goverment in 1933-43 is violation of some rule, democrasy doens't exist in RPCS3 or something else. I had two or three warns for using illegal software but I have started buying used games instead of downloading them cause I didn't want to get banned.
   Is there any circumstances to get unbanned in RPCS3 discord server if I have violate any rule?
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