Arctic_SlicerTransfering DLCs from PS3?
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05-08-2022, 06:43 AM -
Is there an easy way to transfer DLCs from my PS3 to my PC?  I was going to try playing Dance Dance Revolution on my PC to see how that goes.  I was able to install the game in my BDR drive and install it to my RPCS3 folder without issue, also figured out how to get it updated to version 1.01.  I'm just not sure how to actually get the DLCs onto my PC.  I had bought all of the DLCs for the game and have them installed on my PS3.  Is there an easy way to get them off of my PS3, or download them again for my PC (I would rebuy them if I had too, they weren't THAT expensive). 

Never really done PS3 emulating before and can't find much information about moving DLCs, just games, and dumping games is easy I just had to put the disc is my PCs optical drive, easy.  DLCs on the other hand, have me stumped. 

Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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05-08-2022, 02:38 PM -

The DLC itself should be located in dev_hdd0/game if installed, or dev_hdd0/vsh/game_pkg if it exists as a .pkg and not installed

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