P.Y.Sly Cooper Thieves in Time - Booting Issues
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Question  05-07-2022, 05:29 PM -
Hello. I've been trying to run Thieves in Time but I've been having quite a few issues. It won't run past the sanzaru games logo. No visual and no audio after that. I've attached the log of the issue. 
Tbh part of the issue is that I'm new to PS3 emulation and have no idea what I'm doing but that's besides the point.
I've also noticed that the framerate is already very very bad so that might be a problem if I can actually start the game. But I guess I'll have deal with that when the game can actually load-

.7z   RPCS3 Log Info.7z (Size: 138.5 KB / Downloads: 4)

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05-07-2022, 05:49 PM -
Intel iGPUs are unsupported, regardless of that it won't boot the game if you're using OpenGL on Intel, only with Vulkan, and even then it will work poorly

Your CPU is also too weak, I would recommend sticking to weaker native PC games or older consoles
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