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Hey guys, 

I am very new to RPCS3 but I am enjoying it a lot because I kept all of my old PS3 discs and now I can replay them on my computer. 

However I am having some trouble playing GTA 4 on RPCS3 because of the finicky optimization. 

I was told about the Illusion build, which is a specific custom build of RPCS3 that works with MGS4 and GTA 4's coding. From what I understand, on the regular RPCS3 build, if you play GTA4 there is no collision by default, and thus pedestrians and vehicles will fall through the floor infinitely. You can fix collisions by turning on Accurate Xfloat, but this tanks performance and gives the audio a stuttering noise. From what I understand, this is because Accurate Xfloat adds a more complex layer to SPU code detection, but this extra layer of detection slows down the game and messes up the audio and fps. 

I saw on the illusion page of github they have redone the coding for Accurate Xfloat, because only one instance of it is needed, as opposed to it constantly being on, so in the illusion build they disabled the Xfloat loop so that you get fixed collision, but also good performance. 

However, I have no idea how to install the illusion build because I have never coded before and am very new to RPCS3 in general. I have been sent github links to the illusion build by various people but none of them have explained how to install it, they just implied that I will need to use a "compiler" to add the code. 

Can someone please explain to me how to install and use the illusion build? I am running Linux Mint.

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