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01-13-2022, 12:38 AM -
I found out about this project thanks to MVG on YTube and couldn't wait to get started. I have followed the Q.S.G. and now I'm trying to dump my PS3 games but you can no longer access  jonnysp.bplaced.net to download the .ird files - clicking any of the links within the guide returns a 404 error.

I tried searching for  jonnysp.bplaced to see if there's an update but to no avail - or I'm being thick which is definitely possible

How can I sourse these files now the linked page has been pulled?

Thanks in advance. Mikey
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01-14-2022, 11:21 PM -
The files have been backed up to a MEGA drive: https://mega.nz/folder/kcEUBbTY#DUxrFemBwNBal4IejYUk2g

However, these are not required if you are using the PS3 disc dumper tool as it can pull disk decryption keys from Redump

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