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11-16-2021, 06:32 PM -
Hello everybody, I am not actually sure as to where to ask that, but "support" sounds good ,  so here it is anyway :

I'm trying to play Folklore, but the game requires sixaxis controls . So I just bought a sony dualshock3 pad to be able to play this only game. 

My question is as follow:  how do you actually use a DS3 controller on PC? What dongle is needed for the wireless ? I don't reckon there's official sony BT dongle for PC . 
Any BT dongle would do? 

Please here me out, 
My true problem is as follow: all tutorials I've found on how to use a PS3 controller on PC is about using xinput and/or/? making the PC recognize it as an xbox wireless controller... 

I want to actually use the function of the DS3 (sixaxis, analogic buttons) and so I reckon I need the pc to recognize the pad for what it is, and not for something else. 

Perhaps am missing something about how RPCS3 detects/handle DS3 pads...? 

Thank you for your time  Smile
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11-17-2021, 01:21 PM -
Please read this wiki article:

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