slipkanoti1God of War® III [BCES00510] Vulkan Crash
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11-15-2021, 01:01 AM -
Hi, Good Night

Could someone help me with a crash in god of war 3 game. After playing for about 20 minutes, the game crash with the following message:

Thread Terminated due to fatal error: Assertion Failed! Vulkan API call failed with unrecover error: Device Lost (Driver Crashed)

The Description of my PC is this:

i7 9700k 4.9ghz
RTX 3070 
16GB RAM 3000MHZ
WIN 10

I enable all patches, and using 400 in Driver Wake-up Delay
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11-15-2021, 11:46 AM -
This is a known issue with God of War 3, you can try using OpenGL but afaik there is no fix on Vulkan

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