RabygonMGS3[NPUB30610] Pre-rendered cutscene freeze/slowdown
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11-08-2021, 04:01 AM -
I am having an issue with MGS3[NPUB30610]'s cutscenes, specifically the ones which play out like the briefing videos.
I have recorded a video of the problem in action. (around 0:56) https://youtu.be/V4yZJzT-_0g (This continues for a while then the game freezes)
The game itself and other cutscenes work fine at 60 fps with minimal problems.

Interestingly enough I found a post from 2014 on gamefaqs stating the same issue.

I did validate the pkg, it was perfectly fine. I also tried changing pretty much every and the issue still persists.

Some help would be appreicated.

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