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well neither can use TSX, both are very powerful, but in reality the 5900X is faster.

I have used monitoring programs and from what I can see, RPCS3 itself uses up to 16 threads, fully.

In this case I think it matters which has more powerful performance per core over those 8 cores/16 threads., and from what I am seeing, the 5900X single thread performance is stronger.

I believe there used to be problems in the old days with RPCS3 and AMD, but it should be ok these days.

Put it this way, either processor is going to allow you to run any game that is already compatible with the emulator, at full speed.

I have an 8 core and I can run anything, all the ones that were struggling on my 6 core all work perfectly now. But I also noticed my clock speed is higher, at 4.4ghz across 8 cores/16 threads, and I lock it when I use RPCS3 so there is no speedstep/mhz drop. Just make sure you get a good cooler and power supply so the cpu can maintain peak speeds over a sustained time.

I know I am in the minority but I still like the 10900K. It is dirt cheap, thunderbolt is very compatible and I have multiple thunderbolt devices.

a 10900K at 5ghz flat, which is easy with even a good air cooler like the noctua, will be a beast for RPCS3. Even at the default all core turbo of 4.9ghz, assuming your cooling and motherboard are up to snuff, you'll have a ball. That doesn't mean that games not compatible will suddenly work though LOL.

Anyway, my system is 10980HK locked at 4.4ghz, 32Gb ram, 2080S, win 10 pro, and if a game works on RPCS3, I can play it at full speed with no dips, very steadily.

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