Gaseous ClayFatal Error every time I try to start game.
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Gaseous Clay

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07-22-2021, 05:24 PM -
I apologize if I do not do everything properly... I'm new (sorry!)

I am trying to run NCAA 14, but every time I try to start it I get a Fatal Error.

I have uninstalled both the game and RPCS3 and reinstalled each.  Updated to the latest version today.  Nothing gets the game to start.  Sad

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4890 CPU @ 3.60GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon™ R9 270
GPU Drivers' version:
OS: Windows 10 Home (1607)
RAM: 24.0 GB

Any help would be appreciated before I simply give up.

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07-22-2021, 06:59 PM -
Update your Windows to the latest version, currently 21H1.
Support for EOL Windows 10 versions is not provided.

Thread locked, submit a newer one after you've updated your OS. Make sure your GPU drivers are on the latest version as well.
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