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04-29-2021, 11:56 PM -
I have multiple games installed on my computer in the dev_hdd0 folder and the games run perfectly fine however they do not show up on the games list.

this also means that the patches list dosen't show that i own the games, and wont update the games. 
tutorials say that in order to update games i must click it on the games list but none of my games show up.
the games do show up fine in the saved games list.
i was content with just have to click boot game and click on the games npub or blus or whatever file but now it is saying in order to use my borderlands 2 dlc i nead a patch that normally dosen't apear on my ps3. i have all the rap files and pkg installed, and the games load properly.
rcps3 is fully up to date.     this link shows all that ive said.

this same problem appears with all my games darksouls2 sotfs, borderlands 1, deadspace 2, and borderlands 2 the game im trying to add my dlc to

does anyone know a fix to add my games to the games list or how to add the version patches directly to the game files?

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04-30-2021, 12:48 AM -
Game Patches Manager isn't for Installing Game Updates, it's for using emulator memory patches.
You don't see any other games there because you don't have any games that have game emulator patches.

Game Updates can't be downloaded through the emulator.
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