AugustoLinux Ubuntu 20.04 PS3 controller not working correctly WARNING read
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04-26-2021, 11:10 AM -
Ubuntu 20.04 64 bits FX-6300 4 GB GT 640
Trying use PS3 controller wired with RPCS3.
RPCS3 show controller connected.
The problem is digital pad and analog left not has input not working and the 4 buttons are changed position. Triangle is square , x is circle and etc.
The controller works correctly with other emulators and was installed hidapi.
any help ?

other detail is before I had connected another ps3 controller original not working with all emulators. Thus I had installed qtsxia from
after installed qtsixa the controller had worked with emulators,but not with RPCS3.
In few minutes the controller was very hot in area below battery and had stopped work.
Now the controller not more work, but when connected is displayed message that controller was connected.
Now the link below
read the section
"Warning: Only run the code you understand, and only when it conforms to the device spec. Writing data at random to your HID devices can break them."

I not understand if was qtsixa or hidapi that has "damaged" my controller and also not information if is possible fix it.

thanks for any reply about how fix or configure the controls in RPCS3
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