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04-21-2021, 12:10 PM -
Both Gundam: Crossfire/Target in Sight and Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081 runs smoothly at first, but several days later the performance keeps dropping until the FPS reaches 15-10 FPS even if I don't open the emulator at all.

Tried messing with various settings including increasing driver wake up delay and switching back and forth between interpreter and LLVM but it doesn't seem to fix anything. Clearing both emulator's shader cache and GPU's shader cache also still doesn't fix it either.

On the other hand, another unrelated games that share similar engine (Another Century's Episode R and Mobile Suit Gundam UC) also exhibits similar problem albeit with different symptom. The frame rate doesn't drop but the emulator would soft locks after several minutes of gameplay while both games at least can get ingame (the latter is almost perfectly playable aside of some flickering at cutscenes) at first.

Anyone know the cause and solution for this particular issue? I've attached log and screenshot with performance graph for Gundam Target in Sight as an example.

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