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Hello RPCS3 Support Forums,

I don't have a question regarding any particular game at this moment, but I do have a question and observation.  I understand that emulation is very difficult and has a great deal of variables involved in its success, and PS3 emulation is no exception given how quickly it has advanced.

I have notice with a few games (Tekken Tag 2 and Ultra Street Fighter IV) that the more I play them, the more likely they are to crash. They start out almost flawlessly, perfect even, but the more total time I put into a game, they more likely they are to crash. Furthermore, I can predict when and at what point of emulation they'll crash rather precisely.  Also, new crash points will reveal themselves.

Is this a common phenomena?  Is this something other users have experience?  If so, is there some advice or guidance anyone could provide?  Is it a cache issue?

Again, I'm aware it could be any number of factors: my PC, build updates, the games themselves, etc etc etc.  I'm not looking for any guidance about the aforementioned games, just starting a conversation.

Thanks very much!
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04-18-2021, 04:31 PM -
It's not supposed to crash more / start crashing as you progress further, no
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