Mato32DXVirtua Fighter V: Final Showdown freezing at 'Checking Downloaded Content' Screen
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03-24-2021, 07:03 PM -
Before the issue appeared, the emulator ran the game perfectly, around 85-100% speed (min: 48, average: 50-55, max: 60), with a few audio crackling due to slowdowns in the framerate, but it wasn't too unbearable and was easily unnoticed. Now, I ran the game for a while, and then decided to stop playing, and after I opened the emulator and ran the game, the emulator got stuck on the 'Checking Downloable Content' screen, and there were multiple errors appearing on the Log tab. Here are the files that describe what happened in detail.

Intel Celeron 3955u 2.00GHZ
NVIDIA Geforce GT940MX 2.00 GB GDDR5
Windows 10
NVIDIA 940MX Driver Version 460.89
Type: DCH

Notice: If required, I can record a video so I can show this issue in action.
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