xNachtmahRxSiren Blood Curse (BCES00294) Black screen/freeze after cutscene
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02-26-2021, 09:47 PM -

so, I am new to the world of RPCS3 and Ps3 emulation but I have read through many posts here, especially the ones regarding Siren: Blood Curse's European version, but I am not able to find the solution for the problem.

I just started a new game and everything ran fine until the end of the first mission where you have to escape from the possessed police officer. The cutscene afterwards with the film crew always freezes instead of continuing to the next chapter.

I saw that you guys mostly work with the censored American version, so please excuse me for being European. I couldn't find the U.S version on Ebay and similar places, only the UK and our edition.
I hope that I added the right logs.

I don't own a functioning Ps3 anymore, so I was hyped to finally play the Siren games again, but of course there has to be problems.

My specs:

I9 9900k
Gtx 1080
32Gb ddr4

Thank you in advance!

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