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My name is UMFD_0, and i am a gamer...
Im like 16 years old right now, and i am very calm and non-toxic person.
I also have Asperger syndrome... lets not talk about it, ok?
I play a lot of Minecraft, either its Java, or Bedrock, all with my friends, and on one server im Administrator on. I play it like A LOT, from 3h to 5h per day. Ya, that's kinda a lot. I live in Poland, so i don't know english so far, but i am trying my best, okay?
Back in the day i had PlayStation 3 Edition of Minecraft, i didn't know how to play singleplayer, so lots of time; 1: i was building something in creative; 2: just casually playing with my friends;  3: playing LCE minigames. Yes, these minigames that i was unstoppable. I was also then playing on "nelek_88" IGN (kinda cringe for me), and like everybody, when saw me, just knew, they had no chance defeating me either in Battle minigame, Tumble minigame, or even in Glide, that was very new, and apparently i didn't know how to use elytras properly. But i was also good at it, maybe i wasn't dominating it, but i can tell i was top 100 in Glide, top 50 in Tumble, and top 5 in Battle. Seriusly.
Since i sold my PS3 and bought PS4, i lost my Minecraft, and also forgot about it for quite a lot of time, because i got Premium Java account, and was finnaly albe to play on Hypixel, so i played most Hypixel Bedwars, and sometimes i was hopping on Cubegame polish minigame server, to destroy some kids. And i am not joking, average gamer playing there was like 8-y old or something... also there were hackers, but we know 99% hates them.
But recently i saw that some persons still had LCE versions of Minecraft, and some of them were speedrunning it. So i went to, to see, if there were emulated runs, because i never moved myself forward to buy another console. I found a tutorial that shows your emulator to run MC LCE, and i downloaded it, and i had still my physical copy of game. So i followed some steps, installed RPCS3, installed Minecraft and oh boi, NOSTALGIC.
So, thank you for providing me nostalgic feelings of Minecraft, not these Java minigames, this is much more than that. I now play a lot of LCE, but quickly found one problem, but i will describe it in other place of the forum
Thanks again,

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