AugustoMounting ISO disks and HDD games for use with RPCS3
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02-01-2021, 11:45 PM -
Is possible use less disk space for ISO discs and HDD games.

If using windows install PowerISO and create an virtual disk drive.
In PowerISO add the original dumped blu-ray root folder game without update firmware folder to the disk creation area.
Configure PowerISO to use best compression.
Create an disk image using DAA format and configure options to use  best compression.
Mount the created DAA file to PowerISO virtual disk drive.
Is possible also create the DAA file using the NPXXXX (HDD game) folder game and mounting exactly how is using DAA mount. Also is possible use DAA for HDD games and thus using less disk space.
Start RPCS3 using OPEN and select the virtual disk drive.
Even using DAA best compression not slowdown the machine.
Have games using DAA best compression goes to less 70 % total original size.

If you use Linux try GCDEMU to create virtual disk drive and PowerISO.
Unhappily even mounting and being possible read without problem any file in mounted ISO RPCS3 start load creating compiling PPU thus being is reading EBOOT, but when start to create window game the emulator stop with errors.
Not happen using windows. I had used since 2018 without problems.
Anyone known information to fix that issue in Linux ?

reply if work for you.
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