VersuryThe Beatles: Rock Band DLC Installation on Emulator!
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10-04-2020, 05:53 PM -
Heyo, my first post and as I see on Rule Nº1 - NO PIRACY and ILLEGAL shares.

Then, i just want to make it clear that i've bought the official disc for the game, US Version (BLUS30282),
and recently started to play on Emulator (i do have console) and recently got the DLCs too (BLUS30282 obviously).

But, i could install some Custom DLCs, but, no idea of how to install any other type of DLC for any game (not only Beatles RB, but any game).

I'm not sure if i'm breaking rules, coz i'm not sharing or requesting anything yknow. But i'd like to, thank ya!!


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10-05-2020, 05:51 AM -
DLCs are dumped from console as if they were digital games

I'm not completely sure what you're asking for exactly
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