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07-22-2020, 10:30 PM -
When I started my RPCS3 Emulator program, I received a notification of an updated version. I agreed to have the program update, but once it was completed, I received two Fatal Errors, being screenshotted below. The first happens upon completion of the update. The second happens shortly after, even when only one instance of RPCS3 seems to run. These also occur before any logs register the results of the program, since it occurs before actual use of games or anything of the like. What do I do to proceed and remove these errors?
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07-23-2020, 07:59 AM -
Reupload screenshots but without being base64, that doesn't work. Upload as an an attachment or to Imgur and link here.

Mention your hardware: CPU, GPU, OS and Drivers version too.
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