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Demon's Souls [BLUS30443] Game and audio stutter when dismissing some menus

I went through the guidelines cause I wanted to do things properly but apparently there are multiple threads for DeS already and I thought I could rather open a new one while being a bit more specific in the title about the issue I'm flagging (hopefully that's won't be too bothersome for the admins, sorry in case!). Before addressing the issue I woud like to thank everyone who made this possible, I was so surprised by RPCS3 and the overall performances even while applying the 60fps patch! 

I made a few searches before entering this thread but I could not find this issue in the database. In case, feel free to address me to the thread and close this one.

Version identifier: 628cb1c7

Observed Result:
Game and audio will stutter for an instant when dismissing some menus both during gameplay or in main menu. Areas affected noticed for now are the following:
- Dismissing the PSN connection dialog right after booting reproduces the issue.
- Dismissing the item dialog following interaction with loot or after being gifted an item by an NPC reproduces the issue.
- Quitting the Inventory and Equipment sections from the ingame menu reproduces the issue (while the other sections do NOT reproduce the issue).
- (Update) Defeating a boss and triggering the "You've slain a demon" overlay reproduces the issue multiple times (I would say at least twice).

Since the game saves at any given chance, I started speculating that the issue might be linked to the instant "abrupt" saving which occurs when you dismiss or quit some specific dialogs or menu. Please note I didn't manage to get rid of this issue even after changing several options and compilers. Running at 720p, no scaling.

- 1 Log file
- 1 video about first dialog. (in Theo Videos zip file)
- 1 video about accessing and quitting Equipment and Inventory (affected) and then the other sections (not affected). (in Theo Videos zip file)

Thanks a lot and keep up the awesome work! Smile
Hope this helps and feel free to ask further information if needed.
Try making a custom config for the game. Save it. Go into the config folder => custom configs. Open it with notepad. Right there at the very top will say PPU threads: 2. Change that to a 1, and see if that fixes your audio issue. I had this issue in a couple games, and PPU threads: 1 fixed the issue in each and every case. This is the general fix I do for games that have audio issues and micro stuttering. Worth a shot at least.

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