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Hello, I would like to help developing
Hi all,

I`m new in the forum.
I would like to help improving the performance of the emulator.
I have a bachelor degree in media programming(C++, Java, OpenGL, Android,...).
I also have over 4 years of experience in testing software for a leading automobile concern.

I would like to improve the Vulkan performance, please let me know where I could help!
You can find the project at https://github.com/rpcs3/rpcs3
You can profile and read the code for vulkan render and see if you find any hotspots to improve performance on, if that's your interest

Hello, I'm a post-grad studying web development at the University of the West of Scotland. I've just received a Certificate in Full-Stack Web Development too. Can I be of any help?
Update: my academic email is stefan (dot) albrecht (at) uws (dot) ac (dot) uk and I'm looking forward to our cooperation.

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