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Yakuza 3 Demo [NPJB90169]

i7-8700k @ 5GHz | GTX 1070

Ingame, potentially playable.
Played through the whole main campaign of the demo and did a single karaoke, should average around 30 minutes.
Performance was pretty much flawless, but without knowledge of weaker hardware it is not entirely recommended to move to playable and the possible crashes for extended runs (flashbacks of the full game), I didn't exactly explore what you could do.

Default settings work well, useĀ Vulkan for best performer rendererĀ and optionally use Accurate Getllar to help crashes (not used in this run)
Recommended to use Framelimiter on Auto to avoid speedups due to framerate in Pause Menus and specific Battle Heat Moves.
Upscaling will reveal visual issues with object outlines and heat auras.

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Just chilling around here I suppose.
I'm literally from Portugal. What else do you want to know.
Also love to test stuff.

Discord: MsLow#2316

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