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Persona 5 broken victory cutscenes
So in 1st Palace and before I started exploring Mementos, everything was working fine even when I had not so good fps state. But now, in Mementos, and in every Palace, the victory cutscene is extra broken. Idk why is that, but characters froze in place and Joker is not running, only after a few seconds. Also I don't see anything on screen, only how much exp I gained etc, and background. Is there something blocking this? Maybe in settings?

Probably because you're using FPS unlock patch
If you are using the fps patch and your speed is not high enough,this can happen
The game during that scene is running at 60fps but if I limit the fps with the rpcs3 settings to 30fps,then I start seeing those problems

If you cannot get above 30fps most of the time,there is no point of using the patch,you will just get problems like those and maybe something else

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